Our Ingredients


While we won’t give away all the secrets to our famous recipes, we will share why our ingredients make them the best.

The vine-ripened, roma-hybrid tomatoes that we use in our tomato sauce are hand-picked in the San Joaquin Valley, the rural Central Valley of California just south of Sacramento, specifically for us here at The Upper Crust Pizzeria. The farmers only pick the tomatoes when they’re ready – vibrant in color, taste and sweetness. We’ve worked with them to
create our own specialty sauce using fresh tomatoes and herbs before it’s vacuum sealed and shipped to us exclusively. Never canned, never frozen – just like our fresh toppings and dough.

Most of our toppings arrive from farm to table within 24 hours. With more than 30 toppings for you to choose from, we also offer another popular favorite – roasted veggies. Hand-roasted in our pizza oven with fresh olive oil, a little basil, oregano, salt and pepper, the roasted veggie platter is something you just have to try for yourself. Red pepper, potato, zucchini, squash, eggplant—you name it.

Last but not least, let’s talk about cheese. Although it costs a little more, we’re willing to import cheeses such as parmigiano-reggiano or fi or di latte “flower of the milk” mozzarella straight from Italy to your table. Why? Because we know the cheese on a pizza can make all the difference. Our blue cheese? Made from cow’s milk for extra creaminess and deep flavor. Intense flavors that are fresh make it easy for a little bit of cheese to go a long way.